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Conditions of use of the site.

The use of the ExcellSauce site is subject to compliance with the general conditions described below. By accessing this site, you declare that you have read and accepted, without any reservations, these general conditions of use.

Responsibility, Quality and Services.

ExcellSauce,   takes great care in the creation of its website. It does not, however, guarantee the accuracy of the information proposed. The user is also ExcellSauce, aware that this information is subject to change without prior notice. As a result, it   disclaims any responsibility for the content of its site or the use that might be made of it.

The visitor's attention is focused on the fact that the rates and prices possibly mentioned on the site are given as an indication.  Please contact the ExcellSauce.

   The hyperlinks present on the site and referring users to other websites do not incur the responsibility of   the D-DSign and ExcellSauce to the content of these sites. The risks associated with the use of these sites are entirely the responsibility of the user. It will comply with their terms of use.

In addition, ExcellSauce   cannot be held responsible for errors in site addresses or domain names listed on its site. Despite efforts to avoid any interruption due to technical problems as much as possible,   ExcellSauce does not take responsibility for service interruptions or other technical problems.

Intellectual property rights.

Texts, layouts, logos, photographs, videos, illustrations and other building blocks of the site are copyrighted or, ExcellSauce with regard to databases by a specific right. All of these elements are the property of ExcellSauce and the trademarks marketed by the company or, if necessary, a third party from which ExcellSauce has obtained the necessary authorizations.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the textual or encrypted information on the site can be used free of charge but with reference to the source and only for use that is neither commercial nor advertising. On the other hand, any commercial or advertising reproduction of this information, as well as any form of use and reproduction of other building blocks of the site, such as the graphic line, images, videos, animations, sounds or computer applications, are strictly prohibited without prior authorization. Any such request must be made in writing to D-DSign, which manages ExcellSauce,
Kerkstraat 22/0201 Olsene 9870 BELGIUM.

Transmission of information.

Do not transmit illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, provocative, pornographic or blasphemous information, or any other information that may lead to civil or criminal liability, according to the law of the Territory to which this Site refers.


Any attempt or hacking action on the ExcellSauce site is liable to prosecution in the courts of the judicial district of Ghent (Belgium).

Contact details and full address

D and DSign / Owner of the ExcellSauce website Kerkstraat 22/0201 OLSENE 9870 BELGIUM

Collection of personal data and privacy.

Personal information relating to the visitor and/or tenant is processed in accordance with the provisions of the law of 8 December 1992 relating to the processing of personal data. In practical terms, this means that:
- Your personal data can only be collected and processed in accordance with the purposes indicated when it was collected.

- You will have the right to view your personal data, in order to verify its accuracy and to have any errors concerning them corrected. To this end, you will be able to contact the person in charge of processing your data, whose contact details are listed below.

- D-DSign and ExcellSauce   is committed to taking the best security measures to prevent third parties from abusing the personal data you have provided.

Responsibility for processing.

Any privacy requests or questions on the site can   be asked at the following address by mail:

D and DSign / Owner of the ExcellSauce website

Kerkstraat 22/0201   OLSENE 9870 BELGIUM

Use for navigation information statistics purposes.

When you access the site, the servers you visit automatically collect the following data:
-the IP address assigned to you when you log in
-the date and time of access to the site;
-the pages viewed;
-the type of browser used;
-the platform and/or operating system installed on your computer
-the search engine and the keywords used to find the site.
This information is kept only for the purpose of measuring the number of visitors in the different sections of the site and making improvements.

Use of cookies.

In order to facilitate your navigation on the site as well as optimize technical management, D-DSign, which manages   ExcellSauce,   may occasionally use "cookies".
A "cookie" is a small piece of information backed up by a website within your computer's Internet browser. This "cookie" can be retrieved during a subsequent visit to the same site. The "cookie" cannot be read by any other website than the one that created it. The site uses "cookies" for administrative purposes to, for example, record your preferences for certain types of information, which will prevent you from having to repeat the same keyboard inputs every time you visit our site.

Most "cookies" only work for a session or visit. None of them contain any information that makes you likely to be contacted by phone, email or mail. You can also set up your browser to inform you when creating a cookie or to prevent them from registering.