Product presentation:

ExcellSauce is a Belgian product, handcrafted by a team concerned about the impact of a healthy diet on the body and the environment.

An upheaval and a revolution to finally cook easily, without milk or animal cream, a real alternative by combining the pleasure of cooking with taste in addition.

Choosing us becomes a no-brainer.

Delicious recipes developed and tested with the general public, available in hot or cold depending on the choice and use of each.

ExcellSauce can be eaten in salty, cold and/or hot preparations,

Added to vegetable soups, salads in dressing, purées to give taste, is also used to make pies or quiches, vegetable or pasta gratins, as an accompaniment with fish, chicken, vegetable meat or not.

A single sauce performs all these functions in your kitchen.

Made with 100 organic products, ExcellSauce, contains 0 lactose, 0 gluten, 0 preservatives, is made on demand for the general public, is not distributed to catering professionals.

Let’s make a real difference together, eat local, traceable and affordable products, all while giving our producers the opportunity to work.

Nevertheless, our vision goes further!


Thanks to you, we hope that our team will grow by offering the opportunity for social and sustainable reintegration to people who have been unemployed for a long time. Thanks to your enthusiasm and their expertise, we will be able to provide real support for the company’s ascent.

In the same way that we would like to engrave our imprint in the construction of the world of tomorrow for our children and grandchildren, shape it, change it to our model by favoring others, thinking collectively and not individual.

In this way, we will be able to restore the balance that every living being has the right to receive in return.

Nature doesn’t need us, but we need it very much!

We have learned a lot from her contact, so let’s respect her and we can finally prove that we are in perfect harmony on and with our Planet.

Take care of yourself.

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